Thursday, March 30, 2017

Top Misconceptions About Wedding DJs

Your wedding celebration certainly deserves quality musical entertainment. It is completely understandable that you would want to book a wedding DJ for your big day. An event as important, and once in a lifetime as your wedding, deserves only the best of the best. Hiring a wedding DJ will allow your entire wedding day, from start to finish, to be accompanied by the perfect music.

As you embark upon your journey to find the best DJ for your big day, you may become bombarded with misconceptions about DJs.

Here at Naples DJ, we know that a DJ is the perfect addition to a wedding. That’s why we have put together a few misconceptions about wedding DJs that absolutely should not be believed. If you want the perfect wedding entertainment, be sure to keep reading to discover more:

·         A DJ will take care of the music and the lighting. This is not true. There are some DJs that also offer wedding lighting services. However, this certainly does not mean every DJ does. Your DJ may have lights, but that does not mean that they will be used to light your venue, or even meant to. It’s important to check with your DJ about the lighting services they offer, if any at all. However, here at Naples DJ, we offer quality wedding lighting in addition to your DJ services, for a combination that will create the best atmosphere for your big day!
·         You have a friend that should DJ wedding. Unless your friend is a well-known local DJ with their own business, an amateur just won’t do for your wedding day. You have one chance to get everything perfect for your wedding, and hiring an amateur that lacks experience is too risky. There are no re-dos when it comes to your wedding. A professional will be the best way to go, as they not only know the wedding entertainment business inside and out, but they have the skills to make your wedding day a huge hit. Also, your friend should be there to enjoy your wedding, and not be a part of providing services.
·         Prohibiting song requests is the best way to go. This is absolutely false. You may have set a musical theme for your big day, or gone over your musical vision with your DJ. But, choosing to prohibit song requests is not the best way to go. Your guests are sure to love some of the songs your DJ plays, but making requests encourages them to have a good time, and even get out on the dance floor. If however, you would rather guests don’t make requests, you can always send music request inserts within your RSVP’s, so that you can at least get an idea of what your guests would like to hear, or create a playlist.

The music for your wedding day is very important. You don’t have to believe these misconceptions when you are looking for your perfect wedding DJ. Here at Naples DJ, we want to help you have an incredible wedding day, filled with the perfect music. If you are ready to begin planning your Naples, Florida wedding DJ, be sure to contact us today.

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