Thursday, November 15, 2012

Josh and Sasha 10.13.2012

There's so much I'd like to say about Josh and Sasha's wedding!  They are the sweetest people, and they live down our street!  Also it was fun for us as there were a few couples at their wedding that we also DJ'd for their wedding receptions.  And we were happily surprised to see the new couple as guests at a wedding we were DJ'ing in early November.  It's always great to catch up with old friends!

Sasha and Josh were married and had their reception at The Quarry.  The Ceremony was on the "beach side" and the reception on the "golf side."  What a gorgeous day it was in Naples!  Their photographer was Maria from Butterfly Kisses.  The Pastor that married explained during the service how he has seen Sasha grow up.  He told how Sasha was close friends with his daughter since they were little.  Sasha had told us how very special it was to them to have him perform their reception.

Sasha looked so pretty and elegant for her special day.  They make such a great couple.  

After the ceremony the guests went over to the other side at the Golf Lodge on the patio.  For the introductions Josh and Sasha picked surprise songs for each of the couples to be introduced to.  Some of the songs were "Hot Legs", "I Feel Good", Kashmir", "Apache", "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It", and "Bring 'Em Out" for the two of them.  It was fun to watch each couple get excited at the surprise songs.

Sasha and Josh did their First Dance, toasts, dinner, cake cutting and the parent dances too.  Later was the bouquet and garter toss.  I loved the bridesmaids dresses and the colors for the wedding also!

The wedding was a complete success.  The dance floor was packed from the first song until the last.  I don't think they ever left the floor!  Congratulations Josh & Sasha!

John and Amanda 10.6.2012

When planning Amanda and John's wedding we all worked with their wedding planner Paige from No Worries Weddings.  Always a pleasure to work with Paige. The wedding photographer for the night was Aimee Rossi Photography.  Tonight we were at Naples Bay Resort.  It's one of the smaller locations here in Naples, but it sure is beautiful!  

Cocktail hour there was a Steel Drum Player, which great to listen to while we were getting prepared for the Introductions.  We only introduced the two of them into the room and they choose the song "Shook My All Night Long" by ACDC.  They went right into their First Dance song "Belongs to You" by Emerson Drive.  All the guests were then served dinner and some toasts were made to the couple.  

The rest of the night was mostly dancing!  We paused for the cake cutting and there were many kinds of cookies for their guests also.

Harvey and Elizabeth 9.15.12

This Saturday in mid-September we were at the Stonebridge Country Club for the Ceremony and Reception to take place for Harvey and Liz.  The Ceremony was going to be outside in the "Garden".  Unfortunately, there was a lot of rain that made it not possible.  The back up plan was inside in the ballroom which turned out beautifully and was an honor to be part of.  The ceremony not only joined Elizabeth and Harvey together but also Liz's two daughters Daisy and Angelina.  It was so special to us, especially since we've known Liz since before her beautiful girls were born.  During the ceremony Harvey gave each of the girls a special necklace to represent his commitment to them too.

After the Ceremony, the guests all enjoyed Cocktail Hour while the Bridal Attendants and Bride and Groom had their photo's taken outside.  Thankfully the rain decided to stop.

The Introductions took place next which involved a lot of fun with many friends and family involved.  Liz and Harvey's First Dance was to "Stand By Me" by Prince Royce.  They had a buffet dinner and toasts that were given in both English and Spanish!

When we got to the dancing, Scott playing a mix of music!  He played some Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Disco, and today's dance music!  What a great dancing crowd!

Harvey and Elizabeth  honeymooned in the Dominican Republic!  I know they enjoyed themselves since Daisy goes to middle school with our son I got to visit with Liz and the girls and find out first hand that it was a great getaway for the newly married couple!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gunter & Janet 01.07.2012

Gunter and Janet decided to celebrate their wedding at the Naples Yacht Club, where they are members. The club is secluded behind the Naples Airport, on the Gordon River.

Gunter is from Germany, and he infused a few great German traditions into the meal and the fun. Guests enjoyed the buffet dinner, and were treated to special German pastries for dessert. There were plenty of desserts that night - new courses were put out throughout the evening.

When it came time to celebrate - they just wanted to have fun! There was a great mix of music from the 60's to today - and the crowd really enjoyed themselves. Gunter has a great sense of humor, and led the crowd in two German dance traditions, one to the "Lasso" song, and the other to the German Bird dance. Lots of laughs and lots of energy!

We were glad to be part of their special day. Best wishes to you Gunter & Janet!