Monday, December 15, 2014

David and Megan Goebel 12.13.14


Megan and David met us at a bridal show last year. We were very excited when she chose us for her wedding day. We were part of the reception and cocktail hour.  Both cocktail hour and reception were held at the Port Royal club in Naples Florida. 

Both Megan and David met while they were in Chicago and both their families are from Chicago as well. There were several guests who traveled to Naples to be involved in the wedding.  The couple hosted about 130 guests at the Port Royal club. 

It was a wonderful night. Although it was cool outside it wasn't cold. There wasn't any clouds in the sky, just beautiful sunshine right on the beach.The guests enjoyed a cocktail hour right on the beach and the patio at the Port Royal club. They enjoyed the sounds of tropical music. 

As they made their way into the reception area the whole room was fully decorated for Christmas and looked beautiful. One by one the bridal party was introduced until Megan and David came in the room. They danced their first song to a classic drifters song, "This Magic Moment".  Megan danced with her Dad to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw.  David danced with his Mom to "What A Wonderful World" by Louise Armstrong.  The toasts were made after the salad was served.  All we can say is their family and friends were wonderful and all had a great time!  The dance floor was packed the entire night and they all enjoyed songs from the 50s through today.  

We are honored that we got to be part of their special celebration!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trace and Kristin 7.12.2014

This Saturday was a battle with the rain!  Kristin was such a great sport about the weather.  We all waited and waited for the rain to stop.  No go.  Trace and Kristin still got married on the lawn at the Naples Beach Hotel even though there was some drizzles.  The guests were good sports too!

Cocktails followed in the main dining room along with the reception which was originally planned to be under the Chickee Hut with about 45 guests.  Lindsay and the Staff at the Naples Beach Club handled the weather and changes like Champs.  Tonya Malay was the Photographer and I'm sure she achieved great pictures despite the weather too.

The wedding Reception was started off with the Introductions of the Bridal Attendants to the song "A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody" by Fergie.  The Newly weds went right to the dance floor for their First Dance Song "Faithfully" by Journey.  That was followed by Kristin and her Dad dancing to "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw.  Their was a couple Toasts and a Blessing of the food before the buffet style dinner.

After dinner Trace and Kristin cut into a large cupcake on top of a cupcake tier.  Then, the rest of the evening was spent dancing to music from Kristin and Trace's list they gave to us along with songs Scott mixed in for all to enjoy!  All together a success!  Kristin got to be married outside and even though the dancing was inside everyone was having a great time!  Kristin and Trace were so kind to send us a Thank You note.

Christopher and Dennette 9.19.14


 Happy Honeymooning to Chris and Dennette in the Bahamas at a Sandals Resort!  Now that the wedding is complete they'll be relaxing and celebrating together!  Scott and I met Dennette and Chris last September when they were down in Florida from Missouri interviewing vendors for their wedding.  We got the job!  Thank you Chris and Dennette for choosing us!

This wedding reception took place at the Hilton Naples with the awesome Ashley who's the Special Events Manager at the Hilton Naples.  This Bridal Couple had about 42 guests in the Royal Palm Ballroom.  We played from 8pm to midnight.  It was a rainy day but the weather was on Ashley's side and the wedding ceremony was doable on the beach.  Whew!  Their photographer was Emma Burdis who we had the pleasure of doing the entertainment at her wedding also some years ago.  Always a pleasure to see and work with her!

To start the reception we did the Introductions of the Bridal Attendants with no music at Dennette and Chris' request since there were only about 40 guests.  The newly weds went right into their First Dance which was to "Forever's As Far As I'll Go" by Alabama.  Following that was the Blessing of the food and a few Toasts and then on with the plated and served meal.  The music they requested during dinner was Sinatra type music.  After dinner was the Cake Cutting and the Father / Daughter Dance.  "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle was chosen by Dennette's Dad.

Chris and Dennette chose not to stress over making us a "Must Play" songlist and only chose about 5 slow songs to play at points in the evening.  These were the wedding songs of some of the attending couples' wedding songs which was very nice and thoughtful. ;-)

This is a great job we have!  So much being part of such an important day in these couples' lives.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Michael and Veronica 6.28.14

The wedding day of Veronica and Michael was a nice change of things for us.  It was planned a lot with Veronica's Mom, to the tee!  The wedding Ceremony was set for, and did begin at 9:00 AM Sharp!  There was approximately 107 guests on the beautiful Naples Beach Hotel Lawn with the beach as the backdrop.  what a gorgeous morning it was!  Veronica chose for her bridesmaids to walk down the isle (Processional) to "Cannon in D Minor" Pachabel's.  Her Dad walked her down to "Marry Me" by Train (Diamond Ring Mix).  When the Ceremony was over, the Recessional for Michael and Veronica was "Spring" The Four Seasons Vivaldi.  Just perfect for them!

Cocktail hour followed and the theme of music that was chosen was Instrumental Steel Drum / Island Style music.  They all wanted the tropical "on the water" feel for their guests while Veronica and Michael had their pictures taken by Aimee Rossi Photography whom is always a pleasure to work with and catch up with.

In the Everglades Dining Room (EDR) is where all the guests found their seats and enjoyed the beautiful beach view until we were ready to do the Introductions.  I was tortured by the wonderful smell of the waffles being made at buffet nearby. ;-)  I'm sure the guests were looking forward to diving in to the breakfast buffet too.  (although I never did taste the waffles)  ;-(

We started off the morning reception party with the Introduction of the Bridal Attendants which included Parents of both Veronica and Michael, a Flowergirl and Ringbearer, a few Bridesmaids and the "Man of Honor" before the new Bride and Groom.  They were all introduced with the song "Forever" by Chris Brown. Fun!

The new Groom and Bride went to the middle of the dance floor for their First Dance together as Husband and Wife, and they danced to "You and I" by One Direction.

Following the First Dance was the Father / Daughter Dance to "I Loved Her First" by Heartland.  Then the Mother / Son Dance to "Never Alone" by Lady Antebellum.  Half way through Michael's dance with his Mom, they had his Grandmother finish off the dance with Michael. 

Following the Special Dances the guests enjoyed the Buffet Brunch!  Yes, I was wishing it was professional for me to eat the waffles since my fav's are pancakes and waffles but, I restrained myself. ;-p

Once guests had a bit to enjoy Brunch their were three toasts done by the Father of Veronica, the Best Man and the Man of Honor.  Shortly after the Brunch Michael and Veronica cut into their small cake then allowed the guests to enjoy cupcakes!  Veronica chose the song "Sugar Sugar" for the cutting of the cake.

Even though Scott had some strict guidelines from Veronica's Mom, it all went along great and everyone had a great time!

Be sure to see the pics of the "Candy Bar" that was put out for the guests.  It was specially put together by Michael's Aunt and was by far THE Best we've seen!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scott and Jaime 6.20.14

What a wonderfully pleasant couple!  All of their family too!  Wow!  What an honor to be part of this wedding celebration.  It was on Friday, June 20th, 2014 at the LaPlaya Resort.  They were married on the Gulf side and had the Cocktail Hour on the Gulf side also.

We, Naples DJ joined them for the Reception on the Bay side in the BayView Ballroom.  This was a destination wedding of about 36 guests (which is more difficult for a DJ than a larger party) ;-)  that Jaime and Scott planned with one of the wedding planners at the LaPlaya Resort, Julie.  The reception was sooo much FUN!  Everyone participated and the kids were enjoying participating and they were very nicely outgoing!

Since it was a quaint celebration the newly married couple chose to only have the two of themselves introduced which seemed very appropriate for the amount of guests.  After some amazing Toasts were given along with the Blessing, dinner was served.

After dinner Jaime and Scott did their First Dance to "At Last" by Kevin Michael, and the Cake Cutting followed and we played "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor.  Around 8:20pm Scott and Jaime briefly left the reception with the photographer Peggy Farren for some sunset photos.  While they were gone Jaime and Scott had us entertain their family and friends with a game of trivia with some sunglasses as prizes.  It was entertaining for their group and they all had fun wearing them through the evening.

When they returned from the photos at sunset that's when we did the Bride / Father Dance to "My Girl" by Temptations and then Scott and his Mother danced to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by IZ.  At the right time we did something a bit different that Jaime really wanted.  That was to do an "Introduction" of Bridal Attendants onto the dance floor in a game announcer tone to have some fun acknowledging them, especially the Kids.  We did have some doubts how this might go over with the kids being later in the night, but it sure was a hit with this group, especially done at the right time of the night!  Great idea Jaime!  Thanks for choosing us to be part of your amazing wedding celebration!

George and Carla 6.14.14 Hilton Naples

Another great wedding with Ashley from the Hilton Naples!  Thank You Ashley!  This Saturday June 14th, 2014 George and Carla hosted about 85 guests.  Their photographer was Ashley Moore and their Videographer was Le Cape.

I love the cake!  It's called a Naked Cake!

This couple was great to work with.  They knew exactly what they wanted and had a lot of information prepared when we met with them.  Scott and I did their Ceremony, which for the Prelude Music (music while guests are finding their seats) Carla chose all Helen Jane Long songs.  Her Bridal walk down the aisle was "To Dust" also by Helen Jane Long.  It was beautiful!  Their Recessional Song they chose for after they were married was "I'm Yours" Jason Mraz.

After Cocktail Hour was the Wedding Reception in the main ballroom.  They had a large amount of Bridal Attendants which included 5 Ring-bearers and 2 Flower-girls!  They were all so adorable! We started off introducing everyone into the ballroom to "Good Life" by One Republic.

The Cake Cutting was done to "Fly Me To The Moon" by Frank Sinatra after the Toasts were given and dinner was completed.  Then, they went into their First Dance Song, "All Of Me" by John Legend.  George danced with his Mother to "Song For Mama" by Boyz II Men.  There was a lot of dancing the rest of the evening and also a special birthday cake for one of the Ring - Bearers since it was his 5th birthday!

A beautifully in-love couple.  It was so sweet watching George taking care of Carla all that evening.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dan and Kim 5.31.14

 This Saturday May 31st, 2014 we had the pleasure of being part of Kim and Dan's wedding reception!  It was at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club.  There was about 150 guests!

Photographer:  New Ground Photography (Greg and Alex), fun to work with and always do an amazing job.
Videographer: The British Photographer (Alan)  Our first time working with him.

The wedding reception started again with the Introductions.  "Gonna Make You Sweat" C & C Music Factory.  Then, "Pony" by Ginuwine.

The First Dance Song: "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison & Ray Charles.  Salad and Dinner was served as the new Bridal Couple went outside for sunset photos.

Later the Toast were given by Kim's Father, the Maid Of Honor and the Best Man.  Then, was the Father / Daughter Dance to "Walk With You" by Edwin McCain.  Mother / Son Dance to "Nothing Can Change This Love" by Sam Cooke.

There were tons of awesome, fun dancers among the guests!  I think the pics are pretty clear. :-)  Later in the night we did the Cake Cutting and the Bouquet and Garter Toss.