Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fun Dances for Your Wedding

Dancing is such a big part of weddings! After all, your guests have all gathered to have a great time, and excellent music will provide a fun atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. While you can dance in any way you please, there are some fun dances that can involve the entire crowd. 

However, which dances would be best for your big day?

Here at Naples DJ, we love being able to provide a fun environment through music and dancing. That’s why we have gathered some of the top dances to create a fun ambience within your wedding. If you are interested in some inspiration, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

·         Cupid’s Shuffle. The Cupid Shuffle is such a fun dance, and just like the Cha Cha Slide, it is easy to learn and take part in. Incorporating funky beats, you can ensure that Cupid’s Shuffle will get everyone out on the dance floor. This dance involves you taking movements to the right, movements to the left, kicking, and really getting your body moving!
·         Electric Slide. If you are seeking a dance to take you back to the disco days, the Electric Slide is a great choice! It involves you making grapevine movements to the left and to the right, as if you are sliding. It is a great dance for a crowd, and certainly easy to follow.
·         YMCA. If you have not heard of the YMCA, where have you been? This is such a classic dance that even the little ones can catch onto quickly. All you have to do is place your arms up in the air to make the letters “Y”, “M”, “C”, and “A”, what could be more fun than that? Choosing to play a song that your guests are familiar with is a great way to get them out on the dance floor.

Every wedding should be full of fun! And if you incorporate these dances, it certainly can be. Here at Naples DJ, we are so honored to perform at weddings. If you are still seeking a Naples, Florida DJ, please contact us today.

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