Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trace and Kristin 7.12.2014

This Saturday was a battle with the rain!  Kristin was such a great sport about the weather.  We all waited and waited for the rain to stop.  No go.  Trace and Kristin still got married on the lawn at the Naples Beach Hotel even though there was some drizzles.  The guests were good sports too!

Cocktails followed in the main dining room along with the reception which was originally planned to be under the Chickee Hut with about 45 guests.  Lindsay and the Staff at the Naples Beach Club handled the weather and changes like Champs.  Tonya Malay was the Photographer and I'm sure she achieved great pictures despite the weather too.

The wedding Reception was started off with the Introductions of the Bridal Attendants to the song "A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody" by Fergie.  The Newly weds went right to the dance floor for their First Dance Song "Faithfully" by Journey.  That was followed by Kristin and her Dad dancing to "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw.  Their was a couple Toasts and a Blessing of the food before the buffet style dinner.

After dinner Trace and Kristin cut into a large cupcake on top of a cupcake tier.  Then, the rest of the evening was spent dancing to music from Kristin and Trace's list they gave to us along with songs Scott mixed in for all to enjoy!  All together a success!  Kristin got to be married outside and even though the dancing was inside everyone was having a great time!  Kristin and Trace were so kind to send us a Thank You note.

Christopher and Dennette 9.19.14


 Happy Honeymooning to Chris and Dennette in the Bahamas at a Sandals Resort!  Now that the wedding is complete they'll be relaxing and celebrating together!  Scott and I met Dennette and Chris last September when they were down in Florida from Missouri interviewing vendors for their wedding.  We got the job!  Thank you Chris and Dennette for choosing us!

This wedding reception took place at the Hilton Naples with the awesome Ashley who's the Special Events Manager at the Hilton Naples.  This Bridal Couple had about 42 guests in the Royal Palm Ballroom.  We played from 8pm to midnight.  It was a rainy day but the weather was on Ashley's side and the wedding ceremony was doable on the beach.  Whew!  Their photographer was Emma Burdis who we had the pleasure of doing the entertainment at her wedding also some years ago.  Always a pleasure to see and work with her!

To start the reception we did the Introductions of the Bridal Attendants with no music at Dennette and Chris' request since there were only about 40 guests.  The newly weds went right into their First Dance which was to "Forever's As Far As I'll Go" by Alabama.  Following that was the Blessing of the food and a few Toasts and then on with the plated and served meal.  The music they requested during dinner was Sinatra type music.  After dinner was the Cake Cutting and the Father / Daughter Dance.  "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle was chosen by Dennette's Dad.

Chris and Dennette chose not to stress over making us a "Must Play" songlist and only chose about 5 slow songs to play at points in the evening.  These were the wedding songs of some of the attending couples' wedding songs which was very nice and thoughtful. ;-)

This is a great job we have!  So much being part of such an important day in these couples' lives.