Friday, October 2, 2009

Gulf Coast HS Homecoming 09-29-09

After a week's worth of celebration including their football team's rally to victory over the Immokalee Indians, the students of Gulf Coast High School were ready to have some fun!

Their Homecoming Dance took place in their double gym on campus. The school had been transformed into a circus big top, as 1179 students dressed up for their special evening.

Having nearly 1200 kids meant being able to provide a lot of sound - and to have a flood of great sound, we had to bring in some extra speakers. There's a trick to spreading the sound out across a large area, and after some afternoon tweaking the gym was ready for the party.

It was a great night! There was a mix of music, including top forty, new hip-hop, and some old school - the crowd went wild and some students showed off their hot moves during Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

The dance floor area was packed all night! It's great when you can keep the students and the school staff happy - and we did. We've gotten several compliments on how much fun it was, and it was fun for us, too!