Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gregg and Jennifer 2.23.2014


 This Sunday wedding was an outdoor full day!  It was a great day in Naples, Florida for it too!  The Ceremony, Cocktail hour and Reception were all at the prestige members only Altair Gun Club at Deep Lake located in the middle of the Florida Everglades.  It's actually a facility for Military Special Operations teams to conduct Land/Air/Sea operations in total seclusion and privacy.  The Ceremony was in a beautiful grass area.  The all wood alter and entry "doors" for entering the aisle were all handmade by Gregg!  It looked very romantic.

Near where the Ceremony took place, we're several Oak trees that created a large shady area that was perfect for the guest tables.  There were several Tiki huts where Wynns Catering set up a buffet for dinner.  Another hut just for the bar and cocktail tables for the cocktail hour.  Not far from there was a hut for us to have our DJ set up and dance floor lighting, and the dance area was right in the middle of the semi-circle of events.  There wasn't electric in all the areas so, we ran our whole system for the entire night off of our Honda generator.  It was perfect for Jennifer, Gregg and their friends and family!

During the Reception the Cake cutting was done, and the song they chose for that was "Pour Some Sugar On Me".  Jennifer threw the Bouquet to "American Women" and they did their First Dance to "Then" by Brad Paisley.

Gregg and Jennifer gave away mason jars with homemade moonshine for their guest to enjoy!

The rest of the celebrating was a lot of enjoying of spirits and dancing!  A great night for them and us alike!