Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Creative Music Ideas for Your Naples Wedding

Every wedding is incredibly celebratory! With many events taking place, such as your bouquet and garter tosses and your first dance, you can ensure that your guests will be entertained. However, while the traditional events are always appreciated, you can amp up your entertainment even more with music.

Are you aware of the many ways in which music can entertain your big day?

Here at Naples DJ, we believe that every wedding should present quality music! That’s why we have gathered some creative music ideas that you can showcase at your own wedding. If you would like to discover what these ideas are, be sure to continue reading:

  • A Song Lottery. Your guests will want to request songs at your wedding. So, have them write down the song that they would like to hear and place it within a jar up at the DJ’s station. Then, your DJ can draw from the jar and play a song from time to time. When the song is drawn, your guest will feel as though they have won the “song lottery”.
  • Song RSVP’s. Another way to accept song requests is to send a request card along with your RSVP cards. This way, guests can write down some songs that they would like to hear played at your wedding, allowing you to comprise your playlist before the big day arrives.
  • Musical Tables. If you are having a buffet at your wedding, you can keep the line organized by only having certain tables dish up at a time, to avoid long lines and confusion. Dedicate a song to each table, so when that song plays, you guests know that it is their table’s turn to hit the buffet.

Your wedding deserves to be fun and unique! These are just a few of the creative music ideas that you can showcase at your own wedding. If you are ready to book your Naples wedding DJ, please contact us here at Naples DJ. We would be honored to be your wedding DJ in Naples, Florida.

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