Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Genres to Avoid Playing During Your Wedding

On a day, as important as your wedding day, presenting right music is crucial! You will have events within your big day that should be complemented by great songs, along with your dance floor, which should be pumped up the entire evening.

If the wrong songs are showcased, you have the potential to empty your dance floor, and discourage your guests.

Are you aware of some of the genres that you should avoid playing on your wedding day? If not, you are in luck! Naples DJ has gathered some of the top ones to assist you in avoiding any dancing disasters on your big day. If you are curious to learn what these genres are, be sure to continue reading:

·         Heavy metal. While some may be a fan of heavy metal, surely not all of your wedding guests will be. Heavy metal is a genre all its own, unlike any other, and can come off as loud of obnoxious. Most songs will showcase intense screaming and screeching noise, which can certainly take away from your event. In addition, it is not an easy genre to dance to by any means, so you should consider making sure it is not presented during your big day.
·         Rap. Some rap is alright to showcase within your wedding reception. However, the songs should be chosen with care. You will want to avoid intense rap, where it is hard to understand the lyrics, commonly known as “gangster rap”. Also, rap with bad language should be avoided, as you will have guests of all ages attending your big day, and you certainly wouldn’t want to offend any of them.
·         Slow songs. Of course, some slow songs should be presented here and there throughout your wedding. However, overall, they should be avoided. Slow songs have the potential to empty your dance floor. Some guests may not have a partner to dance with, and once they discontinue dancing when a slow song comes on, they may not return to the dance floor. In addition, slow songs promote your reception’s atmosphere to become more calm, rather than upbeat and celebratory, which is certainly not ideal for such a festive occasion.

Presenting the right music on your wedding day is important for successful entertainment. If you avoid presenting these genres, you can ensure that a better atmosphere will be showcased among your dance floor. If you are ready to plan your wedding music with a Naples, Florida DJ, please feel free to contact us here at Naples DJ. We look forward to the opportunity to present your Naples wedding with great music.

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