Thursday, October 17, 2019

Group Dances to Present at Your Naples Wedding Reception

Getting your wedding guests out on the dance floor is certainly of importance! Therefore, the right music must be presented. However, other than great music, know that group dances are a wonderful way to get everyone up and involved in the festivities.

Are you aware of some of the top group dances that you can showcase at your wedding?

We believe that fun should certainly be had at a wedding! That’s why, here at Naples DJ, we have gathered some of the top group dances that you will want to present at your own wedding. Would you like to discover what these dances are? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • The YMCA. Some may consider the YMCA by the Village People a tad bit cheesy, but what’s wrong with amping up the cheese factor for one group dance on your big day? The great thing about this festive tune is that nearly everyone knows it. And, if you don’t, it’s easy to learn! Guests of all ages will enjoy take part in this group dance.
  • The Cupid Shuffle. You can have your guests shuffling back and forth out on your dance floor if you present the Cupid Shuffle. This one of a kind song is sure to have everyone enjoying being interactive at your wedding reception. This group dance is easy to learn, therefore allowing each of your guests the opportunity to participate.
  • The Macarena. Turn back time to the 90s and showcase the Macarena by Los del Rio for a fun group dance! Almost anyone and everyone knows the moves to this song, which will certainly showcase a fun and festive atmosphere among your dance floor.

With the right group dances, you can create a festive and celebratory dance floor at your wedding! These are just a few of the many group dances that you could choose to present on your own wedding day. To book your Naples wedding DJ, please get in touch with us here at Naples DJ. We would be honored to provide your entertainment as your wedding DJ in Naples, Florida.

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