Sunday, July 1, 2018

Avoid Presenting This Music at Your Naples Wedding

So many songs fill the world! However, it doesn’t mean that each should be showcased at your wedding. Seeing as there will be many guests of all ages and unique musical interests attending your big day, you will certainly want to present a variety of songs. However, there are some genres that you will want to stray away from.

Are you aware of how to go about creating your wedding playlist?

Here at Naples DJ, we understand the importance of presenting quality music at a wedding! That’s why we have gathered some aspects of music that you will actually want to avoid playing at your own wedding. If you are ready to discover some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Heavy Metal. Even if you are a couple that enjoys headbanging and mosh pits, the majority of your guests most likely won’t. Heavy metal may be enjoyable to listen to for some, but it is not an easy genre to dance to, and the lyrics can be loud with screaming as well as hard to understand. So, when creating your wedding playlist, consider straying away from this genre.
  • Hardcore Rap. You will want to give the rap music you present at your wedding a great deal of consideration. Most rap songs present foul language and negative lyrics, which most likely won’t be appreciated by the children or grandparents attending your big day. It would be best to focus more on hip hop rather than hardcore rap.
  • Lyrics with the Wrong Meaning. If you are choosing to present songs for certain events within your wedding, such as your first dance, you will want to be mindful of the lyrics. In fact, there are a myriad of songs that sound as though they are romantic, but actually have an entirely different meaning. For example, Just the Two of Us By Will Smith sounds like a loving song about a couple, but it is actually about the bond between a father and his son…that would certainly be awkward for a first dance.

Your wedding music should be greatly enjoyed by all of your guests! These are just some aspects of music that you should avoid presenting at your own wedding. If you are ready to book your Naples wedding DJ, please contact us here at Naples DJ. We would be grateful to be your wedding DJ in Naples, Florida.

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