Sunday, August 6, 2017

Keep These First Dance Song Do’s in Mind

Your first dance is such an intimate moment within your wedding reception. It is your first dance as newlyweds, so you certainly want to create it to be a moment to remember. While you may think that you will just get out on the dance floor and glide across it with your partner, there are actually some steps that you can take to prepare for yours.

Are you aware of some things that you should consider doing when creating your first dance?

We believe that every first dance should be one to remember! That’s why, here at Naples DJ, we have gathered some first dance do’s that you should keep in mind. Would you like to learn what these do’s are? If so, continue reading for some great insight:

·         DO practice. The saying says it all! If you practice, you certainly have the potential to showcase a truly remarkable first dance. Heading out on the dance floor spontaneously can present its flaws, as you won’t be prepared. However, if you invest in dance lessons, or just practice at home with your partner, you can both have confidence out on the dance floor.
·         DO choose the right song. There are so many songs in the world. However, some are more difficult to dance to than others. When choosing your first dance song, you should of course pay attention to the lyrics, to ensure that they showcase your relationship, but also keep in mind the rhythm, to make sure that you can feel comfortable to dance to the tempo presented.
·         DO break your shoes in! Dancing in heels or uncomfortable shoes poses as a difficult task. Before your big day, consider breaking in your shoes, or choosing a more appropriate pair just for your dance that you can switch into. This way, you can have confidence that you will be entirely comfortable.

Your first dance should be such a beautiful moment within your reception! These are just a few tips to ensure that yours is. Here at Naples DJ, we strive to provide exception Naples wedding music. If you are still seeking a Naples, Florida DJ for your big day, please feel free to contact us today.

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