Sunday, February 12, 2017

Make Yourself Aware of Common Wedding Music Questions That Brides Often Ask

The music of your wedding will actually play a big role within your big day. From your walk down the aisle to your wedding exit, songs will be playing, which will greatly enhance the atmosphere.

When developing your wedding music, you may have many questions that will cross you mind.
Of course you will want your wedding music to exceed all of your expectations! But are you aware of all of the little details that create it?

Here at Naples DJ, we are honored to be able to inspire brides and grooms with great music. That’s why we have gathered some top questions that brides often ask in regards to their wedding music. If you are curious to gain some knowledge, be sure to continue reading to learn more:

·         The ceremony. Your wedding ceremony will be what kicks off your big day, so you will certainly want it to be presented in the right way. As a bride, you may have many questions that pop up when it comes to your ceremony music.
o   Do I have to play the traditional Wedding March? Of course not! This is your big day, and you can walk down the aisle to any song that you would like. In fact, choosing a different song will bring a uniqueness to your big day.
o   Do I have to play religious music if I get married in a church? This is entirely up to the church! In most cases, most churches are flexible as long as the music is appropriate or an instrumental version is. Overall, you will want to check with your location beforehand to be sure of your options.
·         The reception. After the wedding ceremony, it is time for the festive reception! Music will be the highlight, as your guests have all joined together to dance and have a great time. However, you will want to ensure that you are confident in the creation of yours.
o   Do I have to have special dances? While traditionally, special dances are incorporated within weddings, you do not have to take part in them. However, if you do, some great options are the first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/song dance, and the money dance.
o   Do I have to provide my DJ with a playlist? Your guests will come to hear great music, and each will have their own taste when it comes to genres. Your DJ will be able to read the room and play a variety of songs, to ensure that each guest is pleased. You can provide your DJ with a playlist, but it certainly is not mandatory by any means. However, just sitting down with your DJ and going over your favorite songs and genres is enough insight for them to develop the perfect playlist for your big day.

On your wedding day, it is important that your music sounds wonderful! As it is the main form of entertainment. Here at Naples DJ, we would be honored to perform at your wedding. If you are still seeking a Naples, Florida DJ, be sure to contact us today.

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