Monday, January 23, 2017

The volume of your music can either make or break your big day

Music…it can either make your big day fantastic, or absolutely ruin it! If presented correctly, you can have songs that amp up the mood and atmosphere of your wedding reception. But, if played too loudly, it can ruin the entire vibe of your big day.

Of course you will want the music during your wedding reception to be played loud enough for your guests who are out on the dance floor to really enjoy it, but, also soft enough so that guests who are trying to visit with one another can still hear each other.

Here at Naples DJ, we understand that every wedding should have wonderful music. That’s why we have gathered some top tips to assist you in presenting yours at the perfect volume for your big day. If you are curious to learn more, be sure to continue reading:

·         Placement. Where you DJ is located within your wedding reception will play a key role in how your music will be presented. Avoid placing your DJ and speakers next to any tables where you guests will be seated. In fact, it is ideal to place your sound as far away from the seating areas as possible, with the dance floor in between. This way, if your guests want to experience the music, they can hit the dance floor, and if they just want to visit, they are far enough away to enjoy each other’s company.
·         Bass. The last thing you want to happen within your wedding reception is to have such loud bass that it is rattling the tables and walls within your venue. A little bass can amp up the dance floor, but too much can put a huge damper on your guest’s enjoyment. If there is too much bass, not only will the music sound not so clear, but it will be shaking your tables where your guests are trying to sit and enjoy conversations. Checking the amount of bass you are presenting beforehand is ideal.
·         Sound. Of course too much noise is not going to enhance your wedding reception, but too little won’t either. It is crucial to find a good median between overly loud and too soft. If your music is not loud enough, your guests on the dance floor will not be able to enjoy the atmosphere. But, if too loud, guests who aren’t dancing won’t be able to cherish their time either. Your DJ should conduct a sound check, and ensure that each area of your venue is receiving the sound that it should.

Music will be the main form of entertainment for your wedding reception, so it is crucial that it is presented perfectly. Here at Naples DJ, it is our goal to create your wedding to be a success through music and lighting. If you are ready to plan your Naples wedding music, be sure to contact us today.

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