Sunday, May 24, 2015

Chris & Sarah Friday 05.22.15

Chris & Sarah met each other a year and a half ago, and have been inseparable since.  Family means so much to the couple, and Friday signified the joining of two families, as forty guests gathered for the celebration.

Chris and Sarah planned the wedding from their home in Illinois, taking a few trips to visit with Sarah's parents in Naples.  They chose the Naples Bay Resort as their destination location, which is a beautiful spot on the water in downtown Naples.

We were so glad to see Lexi again - she is the fun, professional and energetic event coordinator at Naples Bay Resort.  She makes things so easy for everyone.

Chris and Sarah were married outside on the patio, which is on the water of Naples Bay.  Rain was threatening, as dark clouds began to surround the planned ceremony.  With a little luck, and likely some influence of loved ones who have passed on, the storms skirted the celebration, leaving us with only a few sparse raindrops.  The ceremony was beautiful, as Sarah and Chris exchanged their own written vows, as Sarah's brother Kevin performed as the officiate.

Cocktail hour was enjoyed outside on the patio overlooking the water, as guests enjoyed upbeat sounds from Michael Buble and other artists.

Dinner was served inside the dining room, which has recently been remodeled allowing a lot more usable space.  After their meal guests were happily up and out of their seats, dancing to a mix of music from all generations.  Chris and Sarah said they wanted a fun, dance party - and they told us they got exactly what they were hoping for.

Best wishes to Chris and Sarah - what a wonderful way to begin your lives together!

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