Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Matt and Debi 1.2.2015!

THIS was a fun group.  It was a party!  Debi and Matt have been engaged for several years.  They decided to take a vacation to Laplaya Beach and Golf Resort in Naples, Florida.  They phoned friends and family and let them know that they were getting married and everyone and anyone is welcome to join their celebration.

It turned out that they had about 40 guests to celebrate their marriage with them down here!  They were married on the beach side then made their way over to the bay side for dinner.  The reception didn't entail many details.  Debi and Matt just wanted to visit with and have fun and dancing with their guests.  They weren't having any Introductions or any of the other "traditional dances" except for their First Dance which was to "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran.  After all the guests were situated and visiting, we paused for a welcome, toast and blessing.  The dinner stations opened.  Then after a bit we Let The Dancing Begin!

There were Cupcakes, cigars, and bracelets as Thank you's.  And there was a lot of dancing!  What a great night!  At 10:30pm all the guests were invited over to the beach side again to go to the Baleen Restaurant for late night snacks and more spirits!

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