Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scott and Jaime 6.20.14

What a wonderfully pleasant couple!  All of their family too!  Wow!  What an honor to be part of this wedding celebration.  It was on Friday, June 20th, 2014 at the LaPlaya Resort.  They were married on the Gulf side and had the Cocktail Hour on the Gulf side also.

We, Naples DJ joined them for the Reception on the Bay side in the BayView Ballroom.  This was a destination wedding of about 36 guests (which is more difficult for a DJ than a larger party) ;-)  that Jaime and Scott planned with one of the wedding planners at the LaPlaya Resort, Julie.  The reception was sooo much FUN!  Everyone participated and the kids were enjoying participating and they were very nicely outgoing!

Since it was a quaint celebration the newly married couple chose to only have the two of themselves introduced which seemed very appropriate for the amount of guests.  After some amazing Toasts were given along with the Blessing, dinner was served.

After dinner Jaime and Scott did their First Dance to "At Last" by Kevin Michael, and the Cake Cutting followed and we played "How Sweet It Is" by James Taylor.  Around 8:20pm Scott and Jaime briefly left the reception with the photographer Peggy Farren for some sunset photos.  While they were gone Jaime and Scott had us entertain their family and friends with a game of trivia with some sunglasses as prizes.  It was entertaining for their group and they all had fun wearing them through the evening.

When they returned from the photos at sunset that's when we did the Bride / Father Dance to "My Girl" by Temptations and then Scott and his Mother danced to "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by IZ.  At the right time we did something a bit different that Jaime really wanted.  That was to do an "Introduction" of Bridal Attendants onto the dance floor in a game announcer tone to have some fun acknowledging them, especially the Kids.  We did have some doubts how this might go over with the kids being later in the night, but it sure was a hit with this group, especially done at the right time of the night!  Great idea Jaime!  Thanks for choosing us to be part of your amazing wedding celebration!

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