Saturday, March 2, 2013

New at the Naples Beach Hotel


 On Thursday evening we were invited by the Naples Beach Hotel to check out their newest renovations, having completely redesigned the famed "Everglades Room" and adjoining spaces.

The Naples Beach Hotel's Everglades room is just off the lobby and features panoramic views to the Gulf of Mexico.  It is also the room most chosen for wedding receptions.  It is now an entirely new space. 

The room's updates included an expansion of the room, and a raised ceiling highlighted by beautiful chandeliers and providing increased acoustical enhancements.  The lighting control has always been very good in the room, and the on-site A/V manager Kenny Graham was raving to me about the expanded abilities the new room offers with directional lighting and built in A/V capabilities. . 

Chef had provided a wonderful spread for the guests, from sushi to jumbo shrimp.  The hotel's owner Michael Watkins came by to say hello and to see the new space.

The staff at the Naples Beach Hotel is both excellent and friendly.  As the room has been closed since the summer of 2012, we are looking forward to our next celebration in this beautiful space. 

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