Thursday, November 15, 2012

Harvey and Elizabeth 9.15.12

This Saturday in mid-September we were at the Stonebridge Country Club for the Ceremony and Reception to take place for Harvey and Liz.  The Ceremony was going to be outside in the "Garden".  Unfortunately, there was a lot of rain that made it not possible.  The back up plan was inside in the ballroom which turned out beautifully and was an honor to be part of.  The ceremony not only joined Elizabeth and Harvey together but also Liz's two daughters Daisy and Angelina.  It was so special to us, especially since we've known Liz since before her beautiful girls were born.  During the ceremony Harvey gave each of the girls a special necklace to represent his commitment to them too.

After the Ceremony, the guests all enjoyed Cocktail Hour while the Bridal Attendants and Bride and Groom had their photo's taken outside.  Thankfully the rain decided to stop.

The Introductions took place next which involved a lot of fun with many friends and family involved.  Liz and Harvey's First Dance was to "Stand By Me" by Prince Royce.  They had a buffet dinner and toasts that were given in both English and Spanish!

When we got to the dancing, Scott playing a mix of music!  He played some Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Disco, and today's dance music!  What a great dancing crowd!

Harvey and Elizabeth  honeymooned in the Dominican Republic!  I know they enjoyed themselves since Daisy goes to middle school with our son I got to visit with Liz and the girls and find out first hand that it was a great getaway for the newly married couple!

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