Thursday, November 15, 2012

Josh and Sasha 10.13.2012

There's so much I'd like to say about Josh and Sasha's wedding!  They are the sweetest people, and they live down our street!  Also it was fun for us as there were a few couples at their wedding that we also DJ'd for their wedding receptions.  And we were happily surprised to see the new couple as guests at a wedding we were DJ'ing in early November.  It's always great to catch up with old friends!

Sasha and Josh were married and had their reception at The Quarry.  The Ceremony was on the "beach side" and the reception on the "golf side."  What a gorgeous day it was in Naples!  Their photographer was Maria from Butterfly Kisses.  The Pastor that married explained during the service how he has seen Sasha grow up.  He told how Sasha was close friends with his daughter since they were little.  Sasha had told us how very special it was to them to have him perform their reception.

Sasha looked so pretty and elegant for her special day.  They make such a great couple.  

After the ceremony the guests went over to the other side at the Golf Lodge on the patio.  For the introductions Josh and Sasha picked surprise songs for each of the couples to be introduced to.  Some of the songs were "Hot Legs", "I Feel Good", Kashmir", "Apache", "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It", and "Bring 'Em Out" for the two of them.  It was fun to watch each couple get excited at the surprise songs.

Sasha and Josh did their First Dance, toasts, dinner, cake cutting and the parent dances too.  Later was the bouquet and garter toss.  I loved the bridesmaids dresses and the colors for the wedding also!

The wedding was a complete success.  The dance floor was packed from the first song until the last.  I don't think they ever left the floor!  Congratulations Josh & Sasha!

John and Amanda 10.6.2012

When planning Amanda and John's wedding we all worked with their wedding planner Paige from No Worries Weddings.  Always a pleasure to work with Paige. The wedding photographer for the night was Aimee Rossi Photography.  Tonight we were at Naples Bay Resort.  It's one of the smaller locations here in Naples, but it sure is beautiful!  

Cocktail hour there was a Steel Drum Player, which great to listen to while we were getting prepared for the Introductions.  We only introduced the two of them into the room and they choose the song "Shook My All Night Long" by ACDC.  They went right into their First Dance song "Belongs to You" by Emerson Drive.  All the guests were then served dinner and some toasts were made to the couple.  

The rest of the night was mostly dancing!  We paused for the cake cutting and there were many kinds of cookies for their guests also.

Harvey and Elizabeth 9.15.12

This Saturday in mid-September we were at the Stonebridge Country Club for the Ceremony and Reception to take place for Harvey and Liz.  The Ceremony was going to be outside in the "Garden".  Unfortunately, there was a lot of rain that made it not possible.  The back up plan was inside in the ballroom which turned out beautifully and was an honor to be part of.  The ceremony not only joined Elizabeth and Harvey together but also Liz's two daughters Daisy and Angelina.  It was so special to us, especially since we've known Liz since before her beautiful girls were born.  During the ceremony Harvey gave each of the girls a special necklace to represent his commitment to them too.

After the Ceremony, the guests all enjoyed Cocktail Hour while the Bridal Attendants and Bride and Groom had their photo's taken outside.  Thankfully the rain decided to stop.

The Introductions took place next which involved a lot of fun with many friends and family involved.  Liz and Harvey's First Dance was to "Stand By Me" by Prince Royce.  They had a buffet dinner and toasts that were given in both English and Spanish!

When we got to the dancing, Scott playing a mix of music!  He played some Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Disco, and today's dance music!  What a great dancing crowd!

Harvey and Elizabeth  honeymooned in the Dominican Republic!  I know they enjoyed themselves since Daisy goes to middle school with our son I got to visit with Liz and the girls and find out first hand that it was a great getaway for the newly married couple!

Andrew and Elizabeth 8.24.12

Andrew and Elizabeth are both Classical Musicians!  They met several years ago in Boston.  After the wedding they will be moving to Canada to start their life together!  They were married on a Friday at Saint Agnes Catholic Church off of Vanderbilt Beach Road.  What a beautiful Church!  Just down the road is where the reception took place, at the Vanderbilt Country Club.  Guest started out with cocktail hour by the bar lounge area, then headed into the main ballroom.

The introduction song for all of  the Bridal Attendants was "Sing, Sing".  The First Dance song was "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds.  Elizabeth danced with her Dad to "It Won't Be Like This For Long" by Darius Rucker, and Andrew and his Mom danced to "Blackbird" by The Beatles.

When we met with the two of them before the wedding, they told us the night they envisioned was a FUN night filled with lots of dancing.  They like all of the family dances like the Conga, YMCA and lots of the "BareNaked Ladies" for Andrews Canadian family.

Another beautiful and successful wedding reception for us and them!

Chris and Erin Hearne 08.05.2012

On Sunday August 5th Erin and Chris were married on the sandy beach at the Marco Ocean Beach Resort on Marco Island.  Seaside Strings was there to play the ceremony music, and we provided the microphones for the Officiant and the guests doing readings.  The weather was a bit cloudy but the rain just skirted around us.  Tonya from Tonya Malay Photography said that the sunset was one of the top sunsets she's seen in a while!  We also worked with iheART Films Studios for the wedding video!

We also provided music for the cocktail hour out on the patio for the guests.  For the introductions we only introduced the two of them to "You're My Best Friend" by Queen.  Their first dance was next and it was to "18th Floor Balcony" by Blue October.  Erin's Dad gave a welcome toast to all the guests and them everyone had dinner.  Chris and Erin had a play Progressive/Alternative music during dinner, such as Matchbox 20, The Fray, Coldplay, etc.

The rest of the evening was the cake cutting and parent dances, lots of dancing and the Bouquet & Garter tradition.  Both Chris and Erin are Captains in the Airforce, so we did some other special Airforce dance/song traditions for them.  At the end of the night Mrs. Smith (Erin's Mom) told us we performed beyond her expectations!  Loved to hear that!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fletch and Alicia, 08.04.2012

On Saturday, August 4th, 2012 Fletch & Alicia were married at the beautiful Colony Golf Club, which is part of Pelican Landing.  Today we were working with other professionals - our longtime friend Aimee of  Aimee Rossi Photography and our friends from Reel Treasures videography.

The outdoor ceremony began at 7:00 pm on the practice green, overlooking the beautiful lake.  The setting was gorgeously decorated, with flowers precisely placed among the white folding chairs. Dr. Dan Lamey officiated their ceremony.  He has a genuine presence and is a great communicator.  This was truly a heart-felt ceremony with very special moments, among them a rose ceremony symbolizing the coming together of the family unit, the hand written vows they exchanged declaring their love, friendship and commitment to one another, and then Alicia's eldest son singing and playing guitar - dedicating to them Jason Mraz's "I Won't Give Up."  It was all so very special. 

Actually the whole night was special.  Guests enjoyed cocktail hour on the patio, where hand rolled cigars were available throughout the night.  A custom song playlist was heard in the background as guests mingled and enjoyed the ambiance.  White modular furniture was brought in and set up around the patio for the guests to enjoy.

After cocktail hour, guests were invited into the main dining room.  After introducing the wedding party, Fletch and Alicia were announced to a standing ovation as they made their way to the dance floor.  They then enjoyed their first dance together, as they danced the rumba to Michael Buble's "The Way You Look Tonight."  A guest suggested they should enter

Alicia had ordered our uplighting package for the dining room which enhanced the already beautiful setting.  After enjoying dinner, and a great Toast by the bride and groom, their guests were in for a night full of activities.

We kept the dance floor alive with a mix of music.  Casino Night was available in the bar area - the guests had a blast with that.  Cigar rolling continued on the patio as guests enjoyed the night air.  Strings of white lights were strung tightly above the guest area, adding just the right touch of light outside.

Near the end of the evening on the patio, guests launched Paper Lanterns into the night sky.  With the dimly lit palm trees abound, it was truly a beautiful effect. 

It was a wonderful evening for everyone, and an incredible beginning to a wonderful marriage. Congratulations Fletch & Alicia!

Doug & Faris Dodson 8.3.2012

Friday, August 3rd, 2012 Doug & Faris joined their families together.  Doug has a daughter and Faris has a son & daughter that seem very happy together.  The afternoon summer rains stayed away for their ceremony which was just outside the club under the gazebo.  The water and greenery in the background was just beautiful!

Following the ceremony, the 25 or so close friends and family joined the new Dodson family inside for dinner and dancing.  Doug & Faris shared their first dance to "I'll Always Be Right There" by Bryan Adams.  After dinner Faris' son Brayden (who's 9) put on a dancing show!  His favorite song that we had to play for him was "Fireflies" by Owl City.  The rest of the evening everyone enjoyed dancing away!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Steven & Cheri 06.09.2012

Steven & Cheri are two very busy people!  Working two jobs, raising children and going to school -  AND planning a wedding!  We joked with them if they can get through this - there's nothing they can't do!

Steven & Cheri decided on the Tarpon Lodge as the location for their wedding.  It's located on Pine Island, and is also a marina.  We had never been there before, and it was a bit of a drive getting there - but worthwhile.  Being on the water meant there was a constant breeze in the afternoon heat.  The wedding ceremony was outside near the docks, the cocktail hour was just outside the main building, the reception was on the enclosed patio, and two adjacent rooms.  That meant setting up in a few locations to get it right - but it all worked out great.

The ceremony went off perfectly.  We worked with photographer Brooke Scott  who was very nice and very attentive throughout the evening.

Guests were treated to a buffet dinner featuring fish and chicken.  After dinner, the party headed to the reception room where from the first song to the last, everyone had fun dancing and making requests for the next song.  We noticed how the adults and kids enjoyed all the different kinds of music and celebrated together.  The wedding had a very intimate feel with the location and the close friends, which is what Steven & Cheri wanted.  Congratulations! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sean & Ashley 03.31.2012

 Ashley and Sean chose the beautiful Olde Cypress Country Club as their wedding reception venue.  Adorned with custom ornate mouldings and beautiful decor, it was the perfect setting for their traditional style wedding.

Guests arrived at the club to enjoy and large spread of appetizers on a buffet, with warmed treats being served to their guests during cocktail hour.  The room was full of energy!

Guests were let into the main ballroom for the reception.  Tables were decorated featuring gorgeous flowered centerpieces.  In the middle of the room was a backlit ice sculpture designed for Mr. & Mrs. Ellis.

With both sets of parents still married, it is a great foundation for their life together.  This was a celebration joining an Italian and an Irish family.  Further is was a celebration with roots from Boston and from New York.  Best of all, it was truly a celebration.

The new Mr. & Mrs. Sean & Ashley shared their first dance to Shania Twain's "From This Moment."  Guests were treated to a multi-course dinner, as they enjoyed a great mix of standards to music from today.  Once the dancing began, the floor stayed packed the entire evening.  Guests of all ages enjoyed their celebration.

What a great night is was!  Congratulations to you!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Grant & Brittany 01.21.2012

Brittany & Grant hosted 220 people in celebration of their special day. Brittany and Grant had been guests at Sean & Amie's wedding which we also were the entertainment for (September 2010), and had such a great time there that they asked us to be part of their special day as well. It is always such an honor to leave an impression like that on guests. We were able to work out the details which had us now traveling to Sarasota for their wedding day.

Brittany and Grant used our online wedding planning form to secure their details. When we completed our phone meeting prior to the wedding, Tina and I both agreed how much fun the wedding was going to be.

We always leave extra early, and even more so with this being out of town. You never know what surprises may occur - such as the blown trailer tire we experience while driving on I-75! After changing the tire, we were on our way in just a few minutes. Whew!

The reception was being held at the Temple Sanai Social Hall in Sarastoa. It is a large hall, with easy access. After getting set up, we added a few accent lights behind the head table as it was a large wall. We also set-up in the outside atrium area fo r the cocktail hour. The guests arrived quite a bit early, but that wasn't a problem as we were ready to go.

The evening was a blast! Grant and Brittany were great, their parents were great - just an awesome evening. Their guests had a blast - and dance d all night. Scott was excited as he got into a groove mixing some old school with today - some quick mixes in and out that kept the crowd entertained.

This was a first for us - traveling beyond our the Naples / Ft. Myers area. But we'll make traveling a trend if all the events as wonderful to work with as Brittany, Grant and their families. Congratulations to you Grant & Brittany!