Wednesday, July 21, 2010

John & Jennifer 07.17.10

John & Jennifer celebrated their wedding reception at Legends Country Club. They chose us for the entertainment after seeing us at the Kuehl wedding last summer - and the Keuhls' chose us after seeing us at another friends wedding!

After the Introductions we went into the First Dance ("Only You Could Love Me This Way" Keith Urban). For their Bridal Party Dance they chose "With A Little Help From My Friends" by Joe Cocker - and then invited all their guests to join them on the floor. It was a nice way to get everyone involved from the start.

After the toasts, John & Jenn arranged for a wonderful buffet dinner for all to enjoy. They also were nice enough to invite us to eat as well - the food was outstanding! Jennifer's parents are members of Legends Club, and were proud to host the wedding with a staff that they both trust and enjoy.

John & Jenn took their time to stop by and visit all their guests; they explained to us that they've been to other weddings where the bride & groom were so rushed - they never got to speak with them - and they didn't want that to happen with their guests for their day.

After dinner was finished and the visits completed, Jenn shared an emotional dance with her dad to Heartland's "I Loved Her First." John and his mother were all smiles as they shared a special song mom had found on the internet - "On This Day" by Christian Barnes. It was a great choice!

Everyone enjoyed an evening of dancing and celebrating. Jenn dedicated a special song for her parents who just a few days before celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary! It was a special night and a great way for them to begin their life together!